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So you want to be health-conscious but not hang up your beauty products? Would you like to use lotions & potions and still wear make-up? Good news, I have your back.

Even though I’ve stopped wearing make-up most of the time – as a mom of two that just hasn’t been the priority, and I’m learning to value natural beauty more the older I get. Then again, putting on make-up now and again is just plain old fun. I mean – who doesn’t like finger painting on your face? Plus, as my daughters are getting older and they are dabbling in make-up and painting their faces like jungle animals or starting to perfect their eye-liner I thought I’d share some of my clean skin favorites.

Why should we avoid certain chemicals in our beauty products? Glad you asked…

  • Many chemicals act as endocrine disruptors. Meaning they change the delicate hormonal balance within our body. Especially problematic for young developing kiddos – boys and girls are affected by this. Think mom’s make-up/perfume/lotion won’t rub off on your son’s skin? Think again. Any time you go in for that snuggle and there’s any moisture on the skin your child’s skin absorbs part of what’s on your skin.
  • Skin irritants – I’ve seen a lot of younger kiddos in my practice with some significant eczema or even just irritated skin from using products that are more chemical based. Be it bath bubbles, laundry detergent, or the lotion used after bath time.
  • Cancer risk – Some products when combined – such as ammonia based compounds and nitrosamines can form carcinogenic compounds

Here are some ingredients to steer clear from:

If you’re unsure of your current product’s toxicity level, you can head over to the Environmental Working Group at and check your products in the Skin Deep database.

Now to my favorite products I use on my and my daughters skin:

  • Cleansers:
    • Water and an organic cotton cloth works great, especially if you’re not wearing foundation. My favorite for my morning routine.
    • I love the Beautycounter Cleansing Balm for myself
    • My eldest loves the Beautycounter Counterstart Cococream Cleaner
    • Check out an extended list of other clean brands here
  • Face Creams, lotions, and creams
    • Deep-Living Daily Face Cream – use code DRKOPERSKI for 15% off
    • Deep-Living Healing salve
      • great for any injuries or skin irritations
      • helps with fine lines and wrinkles such as on décolleté
      • doubles as a great base to make your own lip gloss, blush, or gel type eyeshadow
    • DoTerra Spa Hand & Body Lotion
  • Make-up – Make sure to check individual products on the skin deep database or their app.
    • BeautyCounter – Pretty much all you’ll find in my makeup pouch besides a few products that found their way into my bag.
    • Mineral Fusion
    • Maia’s Mineral Galaxy
    • Honest Beauty
    • W3LL People

And because every good natural health blog should have some fun DIY projects, here are some of my favorites:


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  1. Natiya Guin

    This is such an incredible blog! I have learned so much and can’t wait to try some of the diy suggestions for making clean skincare at home with my kids.

    Thank you for sharing our family’s vegan Deep Living skincare products too!


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