Diving deep to find the root cause of your dis-ease and guiding you to restoration of optimal health

Connecting you to your rhythms and health is the most important mission

Dr K is determined to help you find and understand your underlying cause of dis-ease. She ventures deep into your history and uses sophisticated laboratory workup to help understand the underlying cause of disease.

Restoring health using naturopathic medicine and cutting edge treatments.

I am confident that my unique experiences will absolutely be an asset to your health.

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Our Services

Fertility & Hormones

Having a deep passion for all stages of women’s health, Dr K specializes in improving hormonal balance for all ages, optimizing preconception care, and improving both female and male fertility through natural means.

Chronic Illness

Dr K specializes in chronic & complex illnesses, including mold and Lyme, rheumatology, endocrinology, and gastroenterology, all which play a major part in restoring optimal health.

PRP Facials

Excited to offer PRP facials in the privacy & comfort of your own home within Del Mar/Carmel Valley area. Please contact for areas outside this region. 442-226-8942.


Coming soon… Dr K has a deep passion for educating her patients, thus empowering them to restore optimal health. Be on the lookout for classes focusing on Natural Cycles & Rhythms, Natural Fertility, and Getting Your Life Back After Chronic Complex Illness.

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