Hi, I’m Dr K

I’m an ND turned Entrepreneur in the quest of work life balance. I love my patients and love my medicine but I quickly found out that my pace wasn’t sustainable. After having gone through burnout from burning that candle at both ends and the middle, I finally started my private practice, which took about 3 years to fully set up and get to a point where I have work-life balance. After all, I’m writing this poolside….

Ready for personal & financial FREEDOM and maximal IMPACT for you patients? Well, let me help you skip the hard part and the DYI’ing.

Corner Stones of the Private Practice Mentorship

Maximize impact potential. Learn how to utilize the ultimate “easy button” in practice to maximize impact for you and your patients.
Practice from a place of authenticity. Do the inner work to find alignment in your life and in your practice
Integrity in practice. Learn the tools to ensure you under promise and over deliver while giving from a place of overflow.
Your success provides patients success! Meaning that the more successful YOU are, the more people you can serve.
Guiding you through a strategy that supports work-life balance and supports patients to the max!
Work smarter not harder. Providing the tools to provide maximal value to patients while minimizing effort.
Implementing tools and strategies to support both personal and financial freedom.